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From Our Collection to Yours

Sherwood Room at Century

For over 50 years, few have had access to Century’s fine wine cellar until now. In the late 1960s, our founder, renowned wine connoisseur Sherwood Deutsch, embarked on a decades-long journey procuring wines from France and around the world. Today, we’re excited to share this exclusive, carefully curated collection of rare, exceptional wines with you.

When you open a very, very special bottle,
you want somebody else to partake with
you. It’s something that’s to be shared.
—Sherwood Deutsch

About Century Wines Banner

Sherwood is a special person. He taught us to fall in love with Burgundy. He’s a wine connoisseur, a wonderful businessman, and a very caring person. We’ve all benefited from spending time with him!
—Danny Wegman

New Beginnings

Nicole Wegman purchased Century Liquor & Wines from Sherwood Deutsch in 2007. Combining her family’s company values with the procuring abilities of Sherwood and Michael Misch, Nicole brought her passion for food and wine to Century and inspired a premium, one-of-a-kind shopping experience that attracts wine lovers throughout New York and beyond. In 2012, Nicole sold the store to her father Danny Wegman, who continues to carry on Century’s legacy of excellence as a premier destination for the world’s best wines.

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